Wisconsin Child Tax Credit Available, Project Captures Oral Histories Of Milwaukee Housing Marches, College Students Majoring In Perfectionism

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Milwaukee firemen fight a fire at ” Freedom House, ” the headquarters of the Milwaukee NAACP Youth Council, August 29, 1967 in the city’s Inner Core. The house was gutted shortly after the organization had completed an open housing march an Milwaukee’s South Side. Police said the blaze was set by a fire bomb.
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Wisconsin parents can now apply for the child tax credit. We provide more information on that and other state news during the Wisconsin News Roundup. We also hear about a project working to capture the stories of those involved with the Milwaukee housing marches in 1967 and 1968 and talk about the pressure for perfection in college.

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  • State News Roundup For May 18, 2018

    GOP voters chose their candidates for two special legislative elections. We’ll find out who will advance to the June general election. Assembly Speaker Robin Vos is facing criticism over a taxpayer-funded trip to Ohio last year. We’ll get the details. And Wisconsin parents can now apply for a new child tax credit. We’ll get the details on who is eligible and how to register.

  • New Project Captures Stories of Milwaukee Fair Housing Marchers, 50 Years Later

    Fifty years ago, hundreds of Milwaukeeans took to the streets to fight for fair housing, marching from the city’s north side to its south side. Now, an ongoing effort from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and several other organizations is making sure the stories of the marchers aren’t forgotten.

  • College Students Majoring In Perfectionism

    New data that takes a look at college students from the U.S., Canada, and Britain shows that perfectionism has increased by 33 percent since 1989. We take a look at factors like social media and technology to examine perfectionism and why its becoming ever-present.

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