Wisconsin Book Festival Author: Children Of The New World, The Changing Face Of US Immigration, Presidential Candidate: Roque De La Fuente

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Wisconsin Book Festival brings writers from around the country to talk about their work this week. One of these authors joins us to talk about a collection of dystopian science fiction short stories illustrating a not-so-distant future complete with Android older brothers and memories you can buy. In this imagined word, the human experience is punctuated by technology. We also hear from presidential hopeful, Roque de la Fuente, and learn about how the United States’ stance toward immigration has changed through the years.

Featured in this Show

  • Children Of The New World

    Self-driving cars, apps that help you fall in love, robots that perform surgery…All of these realities were foreshadowed by science fiction. We talk to an author featured in this year’s Wisconsin Book Festival about his collection of eerie, science fiction short stories that foretell a world where technology and human spirit intertwine. The author will read at the Wisconsin Book Festival on October 22nd at 5pm.

  • The Changing Face Of U.S. Immigration

    Immigration has become a hot-button issue in the presidential race, with Hillary Clinton promising a pathway to citizenship and Donald Trump vouching to deport 11 million unauthorized, mainly Hispanic immigrants and building a Mexico border wall. Yet, according to the latest census, Hispanics no longer make up the bulk of immigrants to the U.S., and the number of undocumented Mexican workers have actually dropped. A look at the changing face of U.S. immigration.

  • Presidential Candidate Interview: Roque De La Fuente

    Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente is on the Wisconsin presidential ballot representing the American Delta Party. We talk with him about his party and his positions as part of an ongoing series of candidate interviews.

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  • Marika Suval Producer
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  • Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente Guest

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