Wisconsin-based Center For Media And Democracy Sues For Pruitt’s Emails, ‘Can You Hear Me Now?’ Scam, Baking With Choux Pastry

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A new phone scam is making the rounds, and it’s based on the simple question, “Can you hear me now?” We learn what the goals of the scam are and how to respond. On Food Friday, a WPR staffer shares her favorite ways to bake with choux pastry, which many of us know and love as part of Wisconsin’s state fair cream puffs. A Wisconsin-based nonprofit has sued for now-EPA head Scott Pruitt’s emails from the time that he served as Oklahoma’s Attorney General.

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  • Wisconsin-based Center For Media And Democracy Sues For Pruitt's Emails

    The Center for Media and Democracy has been suing for the last few years to have access to EPA head Scott Pruitt’s emails from when he served as the Attorney General of Oklahoma–alleging deep ties between Pruitt and fossil fuel companies. A judge granted that request yesterday, a day ahead of Pruitt’s confirmation for the nation’s top environmental agency. We speak with Nick Surgey of the Center for Media and Democracy about the lawsuit and what’s next.

  • Phone Scam Targets Wisconsin

    We talk to the CEO of the Better Business Bureau serving Wisconsin about a statewide phone scam.

  • Food Friday: Easy And Tasty Choux Pastries

    You may not know the term choux pastry, but if you’ve ever enjoyed an éclair — or a Wisconsin state fair cream puff — you know how delicious it can be. Today on Food Friday we find out how to make sweet and savory treats with the light pastry dough at home.

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