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Summer can be a great time to clean out those closets, while making some extra bucks. Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett find out how to run a successful rummage sale. They also talk to a national highway safety advocate about some of the regulations she’d like to see in place after the crash caused by a sleep-deprived trucker this weekend put comedian Tracy Morgan in the hospital. And they speak with a Wisconsin author with a passion for vintage clothes along with writing.

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  • Wisconsin Writer's Debut Novel Explores Stories Behind Vintage Wear

    During the day, Susan Gloss is both an attorney and a mother taking care of her young toddler. But by nightand whenever else she can spare the timeshe’s a writer, who now has a debut novel under her belt.

    Gloss’s “Vintage,” is inspired by her love of thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops. The novel tells the story of Violet, a vintage clothing aficionado who owns a fictional store in Madison, and the two women who come into her orbit: April, an uncertain, pregnant teenager, and Amithi, an empty-nester who discovers the power of creation.

    When Violet tells a customer to think of vintage items as “pre-loved,” it reflects one of Gloss’s inspirations for writing the book: the stories behind vintage wear.

    “I wanted to explore the idea that items have a story behind them,” said Gloss. “Especially in our consumer culture, we tend to use things up, then discard them. And I think unfortunately, we do that with people, too. But with second-hand stuff and life itself … there are often second chances.”

    To finish the novel, Gloss had to fit writing in the margins of her life: mornings and late nights, often clocking hours drinking coffee at her neighborhood cafe. She is also been known to take her laptop to the doctor’s office and type in the waiting room, or while out getting her hair done.

    “It’s definitely a balancing act and I won’t pretend that it’s an easy one,” she said.

    Gloss is one of a growing number of writers who are making their mark from the Midwest, including Nickolas Butler, who wrote the critically-acclaimed “Shotgun Lovesongs,” and Michelle Wildgen, whose new novel “Bread & Butter“ is an immersive experience in the world of food.

    Gloss said that it’s now possible to become a successful writer without having to move to New York. With the way things are handled online today, “it’s not necessary to know anyone or have an inside connection,” she said. “You just have to tell a good story.”

  • Wisconsin Authors: Susan Gloss

    Wisconsin loves to write, and local authors have been making waves in the state and beyond. Today, we chat with a first time novelist from Wisconsin about her passion for vintage clothes and how she made time for writing in a busy life.

  • Car Crash Involving Comedian Tracy Morgan Has Safety Advocates Asking For More Regulations

    Authorities say the truck driver that caused the crash that put comedian Tracy Morgan in critical condition this weekend hasn’t slept for more than 24 hours before the accident. Safety advocates say they hope this accident will help to show Congress that federal regulations mandating rest requirements for truckers. One of these advocates explains why rest requirements are necessary and what other reforms would help to keep our highways safer.

  • TMWYK: How To Have A Rummage Sale

    Summer’s a great time to clean out those closets, while making some extra bucks in the process. On Teach Me What You Know, a sales event expert talks about how to plan for and run a successful rummage sale.

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