Wide Disparities In County Spending On Youth Mental Health Services In Wisconsin, Latest Science Headlines, Children Caregivers

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A recent report found more than a million kids between the ages of 8 and 18 are responsible for caring for a parent, grandparent or other family member. Our guest talks about supporting youth caregivers in the U.S. We also get up to date on the latest science news, and we talk to an investigative reporter about the wide disparities in county spending in youth mental health services in Wisconsin.

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  • Analysis Shows Disparities In How Much Wisconsin Counties Spend On Youth Mental Health Services

    Youth suicide is rare in Wisconsin, but the state experiences this tragedy more often than the national average. County services are supposed to prevent mental health crises from escalating, but a new analysis by USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin shows wide disparities in spending on youth mental health services. We talk to one of the investigative reporters about these disparities and what could be behind them.

  • The Republic Of Georgia: Ancient Wine-Making, Visiting The Earliest Hominin Site Beyond Africa, And Medieval Dinosaurs

    Science guru and regular guest Gemma Tarlach visited the Republic of Georgia recently, and she joins us to share stories from her journey, including a visit to a winery that makes ancient wine and to an early hominin site.

  • How To Recognize And Support Children Who Act As Caregivers

    When we think or talk about caregivers we usually assume that we’re talking about adults caring for a sick, disabled, or elderly family member. Caregiving is frequently difficult and taxing, and people take up the responsibility because they love and want to care for the person needing help. But what many of us may not know is that there is a group of people who also take up the task of caring for a family member: children. And while there’s often support for adult caregivers, many children get missed by agencies that can help. We’re joined by two experts who work extensively with children caregivers.

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