Why We Should Talk To Strangers, A Football Widow Shares Her Story

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Even if it might feel uncomfortable at first, our guest says that engaging strangers in conversation can be very rewarding. And Cyndy Feasel shares her story of losing her husband, NFL great Grant Feasel, to brain injuries sustained while playing football.

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  • The Case For Talking To Strangers

    Talk to strangers, learn a lot. That’s the message from an author who says people we don’t know can transform our lives.

  • Former NFL Wife Speaks Out About Brain Trauma And CTE

    Repeated hits to the head turned Cyndy Feasel’s loving husband, who played nearly a decade in the NFL, into a verbally abusive alcoholic, whose excessive drinking eventually lead to his death. Later, it was discovered that he had CTE – the degenerative brain disease found in people who have suffered a severe blow or repeated blows to the head, and a disease becoming more commonly associated with the game of football. She shares the story of what happened to her husband, a man who destroyed his brain playing a game enjoyed by millions of fans each week, and shares her thoughts on kids playing football and contact sports today.

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