Why We Enjoy Swimming, Should We Be Shopping, Wisconsin Election Results

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A political scientist parses Wisconsin’s April election results and resulting lawsuits. We look at whether this is a time to indulge in shopping or not. And a look at why so many people enjoy swimming.

Featured in this Show

  • What's Behind The Human Attraction To Water And Swimming

    A writer and swimmer discusses her new book that waxes philosophical and anthropological about why people get into bodies of water and swim.

  • Online Shopping During Coronavirus: Good Or Bad?

    While companies are taking this time to hammer our inboxes with subject lines advertising their cozy basics for staying at home or their up to 50% off sales, package delivery drives and warehouse workers are leaving the safety of their homes to fulfill our orders. We talk through the ethics of shopping during COVID-19, weighing the impact of your dollars on small businesses and the stress placed on essential workers.

  • Election Results From Wisconsin's Spring Election

    Results for Wisconsin’s 2020 spring election were released Monday, almost a week after absentee and in-person voting in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. We’ll break down what happened in each of the races on the ballot.

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  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
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