Why Swearing Might Be A Good Thing, Giving Students Tools To Avoid Conflict

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We find out why swearing can be a good response in some cases, and why certain types of words are considered strong language across different languages and cultures. And we learn about an innovative program in Milwaukee that helps young people avoid conflict and confrontation.

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  • Why Swearing Is Important

    Swearing may not be considered polite, but it may be a more important part of our language and culture than we realize. A professor of cognitive science explains what we can learn about ourselves, and our brains, by studying swearing.

  • 'Peace Works' Greatly Reduces Suspensions In Milwaukee Alternative Schools

    A Marquette University program that helps students with behavioral problems is credited with dramatically reducing the number of suspensions at several Milwaukee alternative schools. Last year, more than 90 percent of students in the Peace Works program decreased their suspensions compared to their previous school. More than three-quarters of the students had no suspensions at all after a year in the program. The Peace Works coordinator explains how the program is working.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Kate Archer Kent Host
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