Why The Shutdown For Coronavirus Is Different Than Other Outbreaks, Women Going Through Social Distancing Alone, Options For Elections During COVID-19 Crisis

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We compare the responses to the coronavirus to global reactions to previous outbreaks like SARS and Ebola. Many women are sheltering in place alone. We hear some of their stories. And democratic and republican legislators offer ideas of conducting Wisconsin elections during the COVID-19 crisis.

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  • How The Novel Coronavirus Compares To Other Modern Virus Outbreaks

    The world has seen other viral outbreaks, so why is the novel coronavirus having such a huge impact around the globe when others didn’t? We’ll talk to a reporter who recently looked at the question.

  • Stories Of Women Living Solo During The Quarantine

    The last time a virus forced Americans to stay inside their homes, things were different for women. Gender roles were stricter and most women did not find themselves alone– they had husbands and kids to take care of. While that is still true for some, many women find themselves in long stretches of solitude this time around. We talk to a reporter who has gathered the stories and experiences from more than 1,000 women living through this alone.

  • COVID-19 & Elections: How Can Wisconsin Make The Voting Process Better During The Pandemic?

    No matter who you voted for on April 7 or wether you voted at all, many agree Wisconsin’s first election during the coronavirus pandemic had problems. We talk to a Republican and Democrat from the state Senate Committee on Elections, Ethics and Rural Issues about how to improve the process ahead of the next election.

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