Why LGBT Americans Still Don’t Have Full Legal Protection, Taking Back The Fitting Room

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How long does it take you to find a pair of pants that fit right? We learn about the phenomenon of vanity sizing — or the act of changing the numbers on a size label to make a customer feel good– and why some are calling for women to take back the fitting room. We also talk to a law expert about why he says gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are being relegated to what he calls a fragmented class of people under a mix of federal and state laws.

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  • Beyond Legal Same-Sex Marriage: Author Says LGBT Americans Are Still 'Fragmented Citizens'

    We live in an era of considerable advancement and change for LGBT rights…but a legal expert says that gay, lesbian and transgender citizens are still too often considered as ‘less-than-whole’ citizens…and are lacking full legal protections against various forms of discrimination. He discusses what it’ll take to make American institutions recognize LGBT individuals as full and complete citizens.

  • Why One Size Rarely Fits Anyone

    Your body’s measurements may not have changed as you walk from the department store at one end of the mall to the luxury retailer at the other end, but many women know firsthand that the size on their tag won’t be the same. We talk to a writer who traced the history of clothing sizes and talks about “the fight to take back the fitting room.”

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