Why Academics Should Try More To Educate The Public, Scott Walker’s Legacy

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The digital age has changed the way Information is shared, and a well-constructed opinion can be difficult to challenge effectively. We hear from a writer who says academic experts should be doing more to educate the public and provide information based on evidence. We also hear from a both sides of the aisle on Governor Walker’s career.

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  • How Can Trust Between The Public And Academia Improve?

    Relations between the public and academia have deteriorated, due both to growing anti-intellectualism and a lack of communication from scholars. That’s according to our guest, who talks with us about why it’s important to rebuild the trust that’s been lost and how to do it.

  • What Is Gov. Scott Walker's Legacy?

    Gov. Scott Walker has 11 more days in office until he hands the keys over to Tony Evers. We look back at Walker’s eight years – including Act 10, his recall election victory, presidential run and more – and discuss his political future.

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