White Nose Syndrome Spreading In WI, Mad Men And Politics, Best Brunch Foods

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While the hit show Mad Men has mostly dealt with the political and social events of the 1960s, our guest says it can also tell us much about America today. We discuss what the show says about modern society. We also look at reports that white nose syndrome is spreading among bat colonies in Wisconsin. And, in our regular Food Friday segment, we explore the best foods to enjoy during brunch.

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  • White Nose Syndrome Now Afflicts Bats In Eight Wisconsin Counties

    The Wisconsin DNR’s annual winter survey of bat colonies shows that white nose syndrome has now spread to eight counties across the state. A conservation biologist explains how this could affect Wisconsin’s ecology, agriculture and economy, and what communities and individuals can do to help.

  • What 'Mad Men' Can Teach Us About American Politics

    After seven seasons, the television show ‘Mad Men’ concludes on Sunday night. While many people have watched the show for many reasons, a political scientist says there’s a lot we can learn from ‘Mad Men’ about American politics.

  • Food Friday: Brunch Al Fresco

    On this Food Friday, we talk to regular guest Lori Skelton about recipes for brunch al fresco, as we sail from spring into summer.

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