White House Visitor Logs, Magic Of The Bloody Mary, Lying Gets Easier Over Time

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The Trump administration has announced that it will not make White House visitor logs public. We talk with an advocate for government transparency about the decision. While the Old Fashioned may be Wisconsin’s cocktail of choice, the Bloody Mary isn’t far behind. A writer and bartender joins us to talk about the history of the drink and some of its many variations. Plus, new research shows that the act of lying gets easier the more that we do it. We discuss why dishonesty is such a slippery slope.

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  • Trump White House Declines To Make Visitor Logs Public

    The Trump administration will not release White House visitor logs, citing national security and privacy concerns. We talk with an advocate for government accountability and transparency about how important access to those records is.

  • The Lore And Legend Of One Of Wisconsin's Favorite Cocktails: The Bloody Mary

    When it comes to the quintessential Wisconsin cocktail, the brandy old-fashioned sure gets a lot of love…but there’s one other drink that’s not too far behind: the Bloody Mary. A guest writer and bartender shares the history of the classic drink, along with a few unique recipes that put a new twist on an old favorite.

  • The More You Lie, The Easier It Gets

    New research indicates that the more we lie, the easier it gets. A social psychologist helps explain the behavioral slide into dishonesty.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Veronica Rueckert Host
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  • Chris Malina Producer
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