Where Wisconsin Lawmakers Stand On Impeachment, Polka Mass, Banning Fast Food Drive-Through Windows

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As testimony continues, we’ll take a look at how members of Wisconsin’s congressional delegation are reacting publicly to the impeachment inquiry. We’ll find out about why one Wisconsin church started having polka masses. And we’ll ask whether banning fast food drive-thrus would aid public health.

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  • What's Guiding Wisconsin's Members Of Congress On Impeachment?

    As U.S. House Democrats move forward with an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, we talk about what Wisconsin’s members of Congress have said on the record and the different political dynamics in their districts.

  • When Polka And Church Come Together

    A Wisconsin church held its first polka services over the weekend. We’ll talk with the pastor and polka band leader about why they did it and how it went.

  • Should Drive-Thru Windows Be Banned?

    Minneapolis recently became the latest American city to ban the construction of new drive-thru windows. While some research shows such bans can improve publich health, our guest says combatting obesity legislatlvely is ineffective. We discuss other approaches he says would be more productive.

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