Where The U.S. Went Wrong With Its Covid-19 Response, Halloween Candy Ranked, Law Group Challenges Lawsuit Against Mask Mandate

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A Wisconsin National Guard poll worker talks to voters
A Wisconsin National Guard poll worker talks to Mark Campbell, left, and Brian Berner, right, as they wait in line outside of Washington High School on Milwaukee’s west side on April 7, 2020. The line there stretched all the way around the school and to the street with voters waiting at least an hour Tuesday morning. Corrinne Hess/WPR

We talk with a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter to try to understand why, despite ranking number one on a list of 195 countries on their readiness to confront a pandemic, America has faced disproportionate death and failure to respond to crisis during the pandemic. We also hear from a new law group that is challenging the existing lawsuit to halt the enforcement of the mask mandate and we ask you to weigh in with your ranking of the best and worst Halloween candy.

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  • How The U.S. Dropped The Ball In Responding To COVID-19 Pandemic

    A recent in-depth analysis in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reveals a “cascade of blunders” – some of which were decades in the making – in how the U.S. handled the coronavirus pandemic. We look at how prepared America was for such a problem and why its failure was “almost inconceivable.”

  • Tell Us What You Think Is The Best (And Worst) Halloween Candy Of All Time

    Whether you’re too old to trick-or-treat or not, what candy would you hope to end up in your treat bag? We ask you to share your personal favorites, as well as those ones you just never get around to eating.

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