Where Are All The Male Workers?, Meeting Winter Energy Needs, Elf On The Shelf, Wisconsin News Roundup

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As the American economy slowly improves, male workers struggle to find good jobs. We learn what’s behind the vanishing male workforce. We also explore the controversy over the Christmas tradition Elf on the Shelf, hear about efforts to meet winter energy needs, and get a roundup of the latest Wisconsin news.

Featured in this Show

  • Men (Not) At Work: Where Are America's Working-age Men?

    The percentage of working-age men out of a job has more than tripled since the late 1960’s. Why are so many men not working? And, what are they doing instead?

  • The Debate Over Elf On The Shelf

    Some say it’s harmless fun, but others say it’s a huge fraud. In the last decade, a polarized debate has sprung up over the holiday “tradition” of Elf on the Shelf. A parenting columnist looks at the arguments for and against the Elf.

  • The Latest In Wisconsin News

    The idea of a “right to work” law in Wisconsin is getting pushback from the Governor and some businesses. That and other issues are coming up in this week’s round-up of the top stories in Wisconsin news.

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