When To Unplug From Social Media, Bridging Divides With ‘Radical Empathy’

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Social media can be great for connecting with friends and people you like to follow, but it can also be snarky and overwhelming. We talk to an expert about how to know when you should take a break online. Then, we learn what it means to practice “radical empathy,” and how it can help to bridge racial divides.

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  • How To Find A Healthy Balance With Social Media

    Several high-profile celebrities have recently announced they’re unplugging from social media. Such action can be beneficial to us too. We look at how Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms affect our mental health, when it’s time to get away and how to have a healthy social media balance.

  • 'Radical Empathy' Asks Us To Recognize The Humanity In Others And Do Something About It

    The author of a new book says it’s important to understand that we all can contribute to change. We talk with her about the power of radical empathy, what that looks like in practice and how it could transform all of our lives for the better.

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