When Couples Don’t Take The Husband’s Name, Challenges To Wisconsin’s First Hemp Crop, Fish Die-Offs Could Multiply In Wisconsin Lakes

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We talk about changing norms when it comes to the married couples’ last names. We also discuss whether there’s a future for growing industrial hemp in Wisconsin. Then, we talk with the lead researcher of a study that says fish die-offs in state lakes could increase due to warming waters.

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  • How Last Names Are Evolving With Young Couples

    More couples are opting to combine last names or choose entirely new surnames when they get married. We talk to a family expert about this new cultural shift and what it tells us about changing norms.

  • Difficulties With Industrial Hemp For Wisconsin Farmers

    Despite early excitement about the return of industrial hemp in Wisconsin, many farmers have experienced issues growing and selling the crop. We talk to the head of a company trying to help farmers with that process about what they’ve been dealing with, and the crop’s prospects in the state.

  • As Temperatures Warm, Fish Die-Offs In Wisconsin May Be More Common

    A new study of Wisconsin’s lakes finds that by 2100, the number of substantial fish die-offs is expected to quadruple. We talk with the study’s lead researcher about causes for the fish deaths, and what the predictions mean for lake management today around the state.

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