What’s Next For Transportation Funding In The State, Wisconsin’s Farm To School Program, The Risks Of For-Profit Colleges

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Students at for-profit colleges are particularly vulnerable to accruing high levels of debt without opportunities to find well-paying jobs after graduation. We talk with a critic of the system who used to recruit students for those institutions. Wisconsin’s Farm to School program is on the chopping block in the current draft of the biennial state budget. We’ll find out what support and services the program provides, and what challenges it faces. And we’ll take a look at what’s at stake for local governments as the state’s top leaders square off over transportation funding.

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  • What's Next For Transportation Funding In The State

    A political fight over the state’s transportation budget could leave local governments in limbo. We’ll speak with WPR Capitol Bureau Chief Shawn Johnson about what’s at stake.

  • Farm-to-School Programs In Wisconsin Face Logistical Hurdles

    We learn about farm-to-school programs in our state, and the logistical challenges they face.

  • An Argument Against For-Profit Colleges

    The for-profit college industry has grown tremendously in the last two decades. A former recruiter for those schools shares her insights into why she believes that education and a focus on making money are not compatible.

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