What’s Going On With The Stock Market?, Pinhole Camera, How To Make Government More Open And Honest

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After a failed budget measure and a summit on open records laws, the subject of government accountability has been a major news story this year. Our guest lays out 11 steps to make sure the state government remains open and honest. We also talk to a photojournalist who specializes in using a pinhole camera, and we check in with Central Time’s economics correspondent about what’s going on with the stock market.

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  • What's Going On With The Stock Market?

    On Monday morning stocks took a big dive just a few seconds after the market opened, and last week was the worst for the stock market in four years. While the market has mostly bounced back during the day Monday, current conditions are making investors very nervous–and raising questions about what’s next for the markets and the wider economy. Our economics correspondent explains what’s going on with the stock market.

  • Wisconsin Life: The Pinhole Camera

    In today’s Wisconsin Life we talk to a man who, after years of working as a photojournalist, has decided to use the medium’s simplest form — a pinhole camera.

  • Changes Needed To Make Wisconsin Government More Open And Honest, Says Political Activist

    After a failed attempt to change the state’s open government laws earlier this summer, there’s been significant reaction from both the public and lawmakers. A political activist says we should be making Wisconsin government even more open and honest, and he lays out his eleven suggestions for making it happen.

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