What’s Behind Wisconsin’s Vaccination Rate Recovery, Defying Norms On Aging, Wauwatosa Police Chief Retiring

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A yellow curtain hangs behind a woman about to receive a vaccine as she speaks to a student nurse about side effects
Connie Hornickel of Whitewater receives educational information before receiving a COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, Jan. 26, 2021, at Jefferson County Fair Park. Angela Major/WPR

An expert in epidemiology talks with us about the improvements in Wisconsin’s effort to vaccinate its population. Then we take a page from multiple Super Bowl-winning quarterback Tom Brady’s playbook on staying young. And a journalist shares some reporting on the Wauwatosa Police Department around its outgoing chief and surveillance of Black Lives Matter protestors.

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  • After Slow Start, Wisconsin Now Has One Of The Nation's Best Vaccination Rates

    After a slow initial rollout, Wisconsin’s daily vaccination rate is now one of the best in the country. We talk with an epidemiologist about what’s changed, where challenges still exist, and what people should keep in mind about staying safe during and after the vaccination process.

  • What We Can Learn About Aging From Tom Brady

    At 43, Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady won his seventh Super Bowl after beating the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday. Our guest says it’s time to re-think how we look at age and what we can expect of ourselves to be the best people we can be.

  • Wauwatosa Police Surveilled Protestors, Identified Mayor As 'Higher Value Target'

    Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber is retiring after a year when his department faced questions for its surveillance of Black Lives Matter protestors, and for identifying the city’s mayor as a “higher value target.” We talk with an investigative reporter about what he’s uncovered.

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