What Would A PBS For Social Media Look Like?, A Bill To Mandate Teaching Cursive In Schools, Lincoln Hills Violence

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Child using social media on phone
An unnamed 11-year-old logs into Facebook on their phone. AP Photo/Paul Sakuma

We talk to a former tech executive about his ideas for improving the public discourse around social media. And we have a conversation about a new bill that would require cursive handwriting be taught in Wisconsin schools. Plus, we learn about new violence at Lincoln Hills youth prison.

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  • Early Tumblr Employee Says 'We Need a PBS for Social Media'

    Social media companies have been under scrutiny in recent years for their role spreading fake news, and for the effects their platforms are having on public discourse. We talk to a former tech executive who says the solution could be something like a PBS for social media.

  • Should We Mandate Teaching Cursive?

    A bipartisan bill in the Wisconsin legisalture would mandate that all elementary schools in Wisconsin teach cursive writing. We’ll talk with a bill sponsor, and we’ll ask you whether cursive is an art to be protected.

  • Conditions Improving At Lincoln Hills Despite Recent Violence

    New reports of violence at Lincoln Hills have surfaced after conditions at the juvenile facility were said to be improving. We find out what happened and get the latest on efforts to close the prison.

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