What Teens Know–Or Don’t–About HIV, On Congress, Election Forums: Attorney General

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Our candidate forums continue with the statewide office of Attorney General. We also get an update on congressional races across the country in our weekly “On Congress” segment. And we discuss how much teenagers know–or don’t–about HIV/AIDS.

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  • 1 in 3 Teens Don't Think Of HIV As A Sexually-Transmitted Disease

    A new survey from the MAC AIDS Fund shows 1 in 3 teens don’t associate HIV with sexual transmission, which has some advocates worrying that lessons learned from generations past about HIV/AIDS are lost on today’s youth. An expert from the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin discusses the education initiatives on HIV/AIDS for young people in the United States and the knowledge teens have–or don’t–about the disease.

  • This Week In Congress – August 6, 2014

    Four states held Congressional primary elections Tuesday. USA Today’s Paul Singer gets us up to speed on the results, plus we look at the other headlines out of Capitol Hill this week.

  • Attorney General Candidate Forum: Susan Happ

    Central Time hosts a candidate forum with Jefferson County District Attorney Susan Happ, who is one of three democrats running to become the state’s next Attorney General. Her primary opponents are Ismael Ozanne and Jon Richards. The one republican on the ballot, Brad Schimel, does not face a primary challenger.

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