What Rituals Mean To Us During Coronavirus Outbreak, Election Status Update

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Absentee ballot from the 2012 presidential election
An absentee ballot from the 2012 presidential election. Michael Leland/WPR

We have a conversation with an anthropologist about the way people turn to ritual when their lives feel more turbulent. And we check in with a political scientist for an update on what’s been happening with Wisconsin’s election.

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  • Relying On Rituals Big And Small In Times Of Uncertainty

    While many things we count on to happen regularly — graduation ceremonies, March Madness, the Olympics — have been canceled, we can create our own weekly or daily rituals to count on. We talk with an anthropologist who says people tend to perform more rituals in time of uncertainty.

  • The Latest On Wisconsin's Election Day Drama

    We talk about the latest legal activity with regard to Wisconsin’s spring general election, and look at reactions from Gov. Tony Evers, Republican leaders, election officials and others.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Natalie Guyette Producer
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