What To Know About Poll Watching, Wisconsin’s First Big Snow, The Sum Of Trump’s Tweets

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A poll worker in Madison works the polls amid the COVID-19 pandemic
Peter Quinn, 38, is a chief election inspector at a ward on Madison’s west side. Tuesday he worked the polls wearing a mask to protect both himself and others amid the COVID-19 pandemic on April 7, 2020. Shawn Johnson/WPR

A Wisconsin elections official and a law professor discuss some basic rules and regulations when it comes to poll watchers during in-person voting. Then we talk to a meteorologist about first significant snow expected to arrive in Wisconsin this year. And a journalist who’s looked at the scope and impact of President Trump’s use of Twitter shares some of what they found.

Featured in this Show

  • What To Know About Poll Watchers On Election Day

    The Trump campaign is recruiting supporters to be poll watchers on election day, raising concerns about voter intimidation. We find out what poll watchers can and can’t do in Wisconsin, and look at how the practice is used around the country.

  • Winter Comes Early For Northern Wisconsin

    Northern Wisconsin is getting its first significant snowfall of the season this week and there’s potential for a second round this weekend. We look at what’s going on and take a peek at the forecast for the rest of fall and winter across the state.

  • A Presidential Term In Tweets

    The way a president communicates with the country can have lasting impact. We speak with a reporter who reviewed President Trump’s term through the lens of his tweets. We discuss which tweets were the most newsworthy, surprising, and those that had the most impact.

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