What It Means To Be Fan-Adjacent, The Government’s Role In People Wearing Masks

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Homemade face masks for sale
Homemade face masks for sale blow in the wind outside of a business, Tuesday, May 12, 2020, in San Antonio. San Antonio continues to encourage face masks or coverings as well as social distancing in an effort to fight the new coronavirus pandemic. Eric Gay/AP Photo

A pop culture writer joins us to discuss how extreme fan communities can be more open to people who are enthusiastic, but not quite as intense in their fandom. And will we see a statewide order to wear face masks to prevent the spread of Coronavirus in Wisconsin? We talk with a law professor about the power of states and local governments to make such an order.

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  • Not Fan Enough for Fandom? Maybe You're An Adjacent Fan

    Often when we think of fan communities, either online or real life, it’s the hardcore, obsessed and often young and white fans in the picture. We talk to a pop culture writer about creating fan communities that are welcoming to others — even those who don’t have the movie lines fully memorized.

  • Can Governments Force People To Wear Masks?

    With a surge in the number of positive COVID-19 cases, some states are requiring people to wear face masks in public. But not Wisconsin. We look at the authority state and local officials have when it comes to preventing new outbreaks.

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