What Happens To Child Sex Trafficking Victims After They’re Rescued, All You Need Is Less, Ambition In America

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American society often praises ambitious entrepreneurs and celebrities, but how do we feel about ambitious politicians? Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett speak with an author who says we may have a double standard when it comes to judging politicians on their drive. They also hear from an advocate for less commercial consumption and talk to a human trafficking expert about the FBI’s crackdown on child sex trafficking.

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  • After The FBI Rescues Victims Of Child Sex-Trafficking, What Happens To Them?

    On Monday the FBI announced they rescued 168 victims of child sex-trafficking and arrested 281 pimps as part of an annual nationwide crackdown. An expert on human trafficking discusses the operation and what happens to the victims once they’re rescued.

  • All You Need Is Less

    Eco-living is all the buzz nowadays, but how does one make the transition to green living without succumbing to stress and guilt? An eco-blogger and new parent shares simple, easy tips that will save money too.

  • Ambition In American Politics

    The people who want political power may not be the best suited to wield that power. That’s according to a political scientist who traces the changing nature of American political ambition, and the relationship between elected officials and those they serve.

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