What Changes With Humor Between Generations, Meet The New Host Of ‘The Takeaway,’ Challenge To Evers’ Statewide Mask Mandate

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We talk with a psychology professor about how what we find funny changes — or doesn’t — over time. Then it’s a conversation with the host of a program joining The Ideas Network’s fall lineup. And we hear from a representative of the group challenging Gov. Evers mask mandate in court.

Featured in this Show

  • What's Behind The Generation Gap In Humor?

    While the latest TikTok meme may puzzle an older viewer, jokes about walking into a bar will probably fall flat with teenagers. We talk with a psychologist about why humor seems to change over generations and whether something can still be universally funny.

  • 'The Takeaway' Comes To The Ideas Network

    A new weekday lineup is coming to The Ideas Network. Meet Tanzina Vega, host of “The Takeaway,” a daily news show focused on bringing together voices from across the country.

  • Conservative Group Explains Lawsuit Challenging Mask Mandate

    A conservative legal group is challenging Wisconsin’s mask mandate, saying Gov. Tony Evers overstepped his authority. We talk with the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty about their lawsuit.

Episode Credits

  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Kealey Bultena Producer
  • Bill Martens Producer
  • Jennifer Stanley Guest
  • Tanzina Vega Guest
  • Lucas Vebber Guest
  • Kealey Bultena Interviewer

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