What Caused The Great Recession, Secret Campaign Committees, What Gaylord Nelson Taught Us

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A financial expert looks for the real reasons for the recent Great Recession close to home. Veronica Rueckert and Rob Ferrett explore household debt’s role in the 2008 economic collapse, examine one official’s concerns about campaign finance law related to the John Doe investigation, and learn how Gaylord Nelson’s traditions are still relevant today.

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  • How To Prevent A Repeat Great Recession

    For the real cause of the recent Great Recession, we need to look a lot closer to home, argues a finance expert. The role of household debt in the financial crisis and how can we prevent it from happening again.

  • Elections Head Sounds Warning Over Future Campaign Practices

    Unsealed court documents show that the head of Wisconsin’s Government Accountability Board is concerned that secret campaign committees and unethical fundraising practices could exist under one judge’s interpretation of campaign finance laws pertaining to the ongoing John Doe investigation. Our guest explains why he’s also concerned.

  • Gaylord Nelson Began A Tradition That Attracts A Billion People Every Year

    On Earth Day 1970 twenty million Americans displayed their commitment to a clean environment. It was called the largest demonstration in human history. More than one billion people now participate in annual Earth Day activities. The seemingly simple idea—a day set aside to focus on protecting our natural environment—was the brainchild of U.S. Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin. Tomorrow is the birthday of Gaylord Nelson and biographer Bill Christofferson will tell us about the man who has become one of Wisconsin’s most revered political figures

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