Wetlands Bill Advances, Viewpoint In Favor Of F-35s At Truax, Second Amendment Sanctuary

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F-35 fighter jet arrives at the Vermont Air National Guard base
An F-35 fighter jet arrives at the Vermont Air National Guard base in South Burlington, Vt. on Sept. 19, 2019. Madison’s Truax Field is one location under consideration for housing two squadrons of F-35s, but there is vocal opposition among some in Madison who fear an increase in noise the jets will bring. Wilson Ring/AP Photo

A bill that would incentivize wetlands creation and protection has passed the State Assembly. We talk to a supporter. Then we hear from someone who thinks Truax Field in Madison should house new F-35 fighter jets. And we examine Florence County’s decision to become a second amendment sanctuary.

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  • Wetlands Bill Arrives At Evers' Desk For Signature

    We talk to one of the lawmakers behind a bill that would incentivize investing in new wetlands projects, as well as make some mitigation rules. The bill recently passed the State Assembly.

  • An Argument In Favor Of F-35s At Truax Field

    The public comment period on a plan to bring F-35 fighter jets to Truax Field in Madison is over, but the debate continues. We hear from the executive director of the Badger Air Community Council, which supports the plan.

  • Florence County Becomes A Second Amendment Sanctuary

    Florence County in northeastern Wisconsin has declared itself a second amendment sanctuary, We talk with a member of the Florence County Board about the measure. And an expert on gun policy shares what those resolutions mean, how common they are, and what the potential legal ramifications are.

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