Weird Strength, The Effectiveness Of Pence And Trump Visiting Wisconsin This Week

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A health writer discusses her thoughts and writing around being an outsider — and how to take advantage of weirdness. And we talk with a former Wisconsin lawmaker and professor emeritus about the context and thinking behind a pair of in-person Wisconsin visits this week by Vice President Pence and President Trump.

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  • The Power Of Being Weird

    Studies show that we are likely to choose friends and partners that are incredibly similar to us, in behavior and ways of thinking. When you feel like an outsider, how do you survive? We talk with the author about her struggles with being ‘weird’ and how to harness outsider power.

  • Pence And Trump Hold In-Person Events In Wisconsin This Week — Wise? Effective? Irresponsible?

    Vice President Mike Pence visits Pewaukee and Waukesha today, followed by an appearance by President Trump in Marinette later this week. We discuss the importance of such in-person events and the state of the campaign.

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