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Get a weekly check-in on what’s going on in Wisconsin, when news guy Noah Ovshinsky joins Rob Ferrett and Cynthia Schuster. They’ll also hear how one entrepreneur started a business with little resources…and succeed. She’ll share some tips to do cool “stuff.”

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  • Yes, It's Possible To Chase Your Passion While Keeping Your Job

    It can be hard to chase a dream while holding down a full time job. But social entrepreneur Miki Agrawal says it certainly can be done.

    Agrawal left a career in investment banking to follow her dream of opening a restaurant.

    She suggests finding out what your boss’s passion projects are, and establishing some mutual understanding. That’s a good time to ask for their blessing to pursue a project, while letting them know you’ll still be faithful to your current job.

    “You can say, ‘I have this amazing opportunity to try out for something and to really pursue my passion project, and I will give my 100% to this job. I’m just asking for your blessing.’”

    If there’s that mutual understanding, most bosses will be accommodating, says Agrawal. But as an employee, you have to hold up your end of the deal at work.

    “And you have to come back. And you have to do a great job. And you have to keep doing a great job.”

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