Weekly News Roundup, Funeral Business In Wisconsin, DNR Budget Cuts

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We discuss the ongoing reaction to Governor Walker’s budget address, and other state news stories, during our weekly roundup. The DNR faces new challenges in the upcoming budget. We hear how the department plans to revise its operations and how it will affect Wisconsinites. Plus, a new investigation into the funeral business that revealed confusion, inconsistency, and efforts to oversell to customers.

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  • State News Roundup For February 10, 2017

    We’ll check out ongoing reaction to Governor Walker’s budget plan and more, coming up on this week’s edition of the Wisconsin News Roundup.

  • Investigation Finds Funeral Homes Lack Transparency In Pricing

    The NPR Investigative Unit spent several months examining the funeral business. What they found is a confusing system that’s very difficult for grieving customers to make sense of. NPR found prices can vary widely for similar — or even identical — services, by up to thousands of dollars. Our guest tells us about the findings and a federal Funeral Rule, which requires price disclosures to consumers.

  • Walker Proposes Changes To DNR In New State Budget

    Governor Walker released his two-year state budget on Wednesday, which has new proposals for the Department of Natural Resources that include reorganizing the department and charging higher park fees. An expert talks to us about some of the controversies about the proposals for the DNR and the impact it could have on Wisconsin.

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