This Week In Washington, Preparedness For Kindergarten

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New research finds that in Wisconsin, white and black children are unequally prepared for kindergarten. We discuss what’s behind the gap and whether it figures into disparities in other areas of education. We also talk with a political reporter about some of the biggest national stories of the week.

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  • This Week In Washington – September 27, 2017

    In our weekly recap of national politics, we look at the new Republican tax proposal that President Trump announced in a speech in Indiana, and more.

  • UW Study: Wisconsin Children Unequally Ready for Kindergarten

    Wisconsin has the nation’s widest gaps between white and black students when it comes to high school graduation rates, and fourth grade math and reading scores. And according to a new study conducted by the Wisconsin Center for Education Research, these gaps may partly be a result of disparities in school readiness as children are entering Kindergarten.

    Do you have a child starting kindergarten soon? Have you taken extra steps to prepare them?

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