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Last year, a Wisconsin men’s basketball player tried to organize a boycott of a game to advocate for compensating college athletes. We talk with a former captain of the Badgers about why he thinks student athletes should be paid. We also catch up on the biggest political stories of the week with a national reporter.

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    Many eyes were on Virginia and New Jersey yesterday, which elected new governors and state legislators. It was an off-year election with some big implications for Democrats hoping to make a comeback. We talk to a political analyst about the election results and more.

  • Former UW Basketball Player Speaks Out About Paying College Athletes

    College athletics is a big business for many universities, often bringing in millions of dollars of revenue each year including television contracts and equipment endorsements. But the athletes who help fill the stadiums and arenas don’t see a dime of this money.

    It was recently reported that former UW-Madison basketball star Nigel Hayes attempted to organize a boycott of a nationally televised game against Syracuse in 2016. Lacking team unanimity the boycott never happened, but the subject of paying college athletes remains a hotly debated issue.

    We hear from a former captain of the UW-Madison men’s basketball team who is speaking out about why college athletes deserve to be paid.

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