This Week In Washington, Parents Can Prevent Bullying By Setting Example

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Most parents are on the lookout for signs of bullying and ways to prevent it. It turns out that their own example may be what helps the most. We’re joined by a parenting and education specialist to talk about how modeling positive social skills for your children can offset the effects of bullying. We also check in on the week’s top headlines from Washington D.C.

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    Harry Enten, Senior Political Writer and Analyst for FiveThirtyEight, joins Central Time to talk politics. This week we take a look at the American Health Care Act, President Trump’s wiretapping allegations, and more.

  • In Bullying Prevention, Parents' Example Is Key

    Much has been said about bullying and how to prevent it. But averting aggression may have a lot to do with the example parents set. A look at how parents can model positive social skills for their children and help them offset the negative impacts of bullying.

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