Week In Washington, Inspections At Troubled Barrel Plants

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Earlier this year, reporting uncovered dangerous working conditions at three barrel recycling plants in the Milwaukee area. We find out where inspections stand and why some elected officials are demanding more action. We also check in on the top political stories of the week, including a group of high-profile CEOs resigning from the presidential business council.

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  • Week In Washington – August 16, 2017

    In our weekly recap of national politics, we look at the President’s highly controversial remarks about violence in Charlottesville that led to the disbanding of his two main councils of CEOs, and more.

  • OSHA Slow To Inspect Problems At Barrel Plants

    Earlier this year, investigative reporters uncovered hazardous conditions at three barrel refurbishing plants near Milwaukee, exposing workers and nearby residents to dangerous chemicals. Months later, OSHA still hasn’t inspected all of the facilities. We find out about political pressure on the agency to take action and what inspectors from the EPA and Wisconsin DNR uncovered in their visits.

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