Week in Washington, Getting From Food Stamps To Self-Sufficiency, What To Know About Austin Bombings

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A piece by WisContext examines the common notion that FoodShare recipients only need to find a stable job and buy their own groceries. We take a look at if the assistance available is suitable support and if those being supported are doing their part. We also discuss the Week in Washington news and talk about what you need to know about the Austin bombings.

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  • This Week In Washington – March 21, 2018

    Last night’s primary election in Illinois for an open congressional seat featured two Democrats with differing stances on abortion. We discuss the results and how the issue of abortion is affecting the party. We also check in on negotiations in Congress to reach a federal spending deal, and hear about GOP reaction to President Trump’s latest comments on Robert Mueller’s investigation.

  • Moving From Food Stamps To Self-Sufficiency In Wisconsin

    The FoodShare program was a big part of Governor Walker’s plan to overhaul public assistance in Wisconsin during a special session of the legislature this year. In the wake of new regulations for those receiving food stamps, we take a close look at how the benefits are actually being used in the state. The director of a food bank network joins us to talk about the program.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Daniel Newhauser Guest
  • David Lee Guest

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