Weather And Property Damage, Photographer Brings Attention To Roadside Memorials Across The State, Meeting Those With Autism Halfway

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As Wisconsin residents prepare for another round of heavy rain, we talk with the state commissioner of insurance about what action people should take if they experience property damage. Then, a Wisconsin photographer has been documenting roadside memorial sites throughout Wisconsin for more than 20 years. Whether it’s flowers and a cross at the intersection where a loved one was lost or a decorated bike to remember someone’s passing, we find out what the photographer sees in these sites. We also hear from a mental health clinician about what those who are not on the autism spectrum can do to support those that are.

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  • What To Do If Severe Weather Or Flooding Damages Your Property

    Another round of heavy rain and severe weather is possible over parts of Wisconsin early this week. We discuss which areas may get what and when some relief may arrive. Then, Wisconsin Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel offers tips for people whose property was damaged by bad weather.

  • Wisconsin Photographer Finds Something More In Roadside Memorials

    A wooden cross placed on the edge of a cornfield near a hazardous intersection, a bike painted white and embellished with decorations, deflated balloons, photos, and half drank liquor bottles. Roadside memorials put mourning into public eye, often placed at the location of a loved-one’s passing. We talk to an artist and former ER physician about his decades long project to photograph these fragile places.

  • Meeting Those With Autism Half Way

    It’s a common belief that those on the autism spectrum are uninterested and often disengaged from social situations. Researchers and autism advocates have found that that is not true. While individuals on the spectrum may be less likely to maintain eye contact and may have unique behavior patterns, they’re just as likely to desire a friend and a social network like anyone else. We talk to a Wisconsin mental health clinician to learn about how those not on the spectrum can help bridge the gap to friendship.

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