Wausau’s ‘Community For All’ Debate, Keeping Up Our Friendships

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After a year of debate, the Marathon County Board voted against a resolution to declare Wausau a “community for all.” We talk with Wausau’s mayor and a board member about the issue. We also discuss ways to maintain our friendships, or revive the ones that may have fizzled out during the pandemic.

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  • After Marathon County Board Votes Down Diversity Resolution, Wausau Mayor Issues 'Community For All' Declaration

    The Marathon County Board recently rejected a resolution to declare Wausau a “community for all.” Following the vote, the Wausau’s mayor made her own declaration supporting diversity in the city. We talk with the mayor and a county board member about the attention the story has gotten and their hopes for the area’s future.

  • How The Pandemic Has Impacted Friendships

    The pandemic has changed the way we connect with people in our lives, and that includes our friendships. We talk about the impact of those changes on our friendships, and the importance of prioritizing the friends in our lives.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Dean Knetter Producer
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  • Rob Mentzer Guest
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