Waukesha Water Plan, Milwaukee’s Struggling Garden Homes, Summer Science Reads

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Milwaukee’s Garden Homes were developed in the 1920s as part of a progressive housing project, but they’ve since fallen on hard times. Our guest explains what the homes mean to the city, and the troubles the neighborhood faces today. We also learn about some new science books to add to our summer reading list, and we get an update on the City of Waukesha’s efforts to get the OK to divert drinking water from Lake Michigan.

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  • Latest Developments In The Waueksha Water Request

    The City of Waukesha’s application to divert water from Lake Michigan is ongoing, and was the focus of a meeting this week of the 10 US states and Canadian provinces that border the Great Lakes. We get an update on the request.

  • An Uncertain Future For Milwaukee's Historic Affordable Housing

    Garden homes built on W. Atkinson and N. Teutonia avenues in Milwaukee almost a century ago are at the center of preservation efforts from a group of organizers, preservationists, and residents. The houses were part of a progressive housing project in the 1920s and also championed by Milwaukee’s first socialist mayor, Emil Seidel. Our guest tells us about struggles to preserve the houses and the history of a neighborhood facing disinvestment and other challenges.

  • Smart Summer Beach Reads

    As Wisconsin heads into summer, we talk to science guru Gemma Tarlach about some smart and sciency summer reads. We also ask for your suggestions!

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