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A road crossing wetlands
A road bisects a wetland on June 20, 2019, near Kulm, N.D. The Supreme Court has made it harder for the federal government to police water pollution. The decision from the court on Thursday, May 25, 2023, strips protections from wetlands that are isolated from larger bodies of water. It’s the second ruling in as many years in which a conservative majority has narrowed the reach of environmental regulations. Charlie Riedel/ AP Photo

We learn more about challenges to a proposed water pollution rule from the state Department of Natural Resources. Then, a consumer advocate details the growing trend of technology requiring subscription fees or an inability to be repaired.

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  • Wisconsin's largest business group threatens to sue DNR over proposed water pollution rule

    Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce has threatened to sue the Department of Natural Resources over its proposed rule limiting surface water pollution, claiming it will exceed the maximum cost permitted by law. We’re joined by an expert to discuss the proposed new rule and potential litigation over it.

  • You don't buy technology, you rent it

    From phones to farm equipment and coffee makers to cars, a growing number of consumer goods require ongoing subscriptions to work or limit the ability to get repairs. A consumer advocate says we’re witnessing the death of ownership–and it’s costing us money.

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