War crimes, Walk-in mental health treatment, Basement toilets

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Khreshchatyk, one of the main streets in Kyiv, empty due to curfew
This shows a view of Khreshchatyk, one of the main streets in Kyiv, empty due to curfew, Ukraine, Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Explosions and gunfire that have disrupted life since the invasion began last week appeared to subside around Kyiv overnight, as Ukrainian and Russian delegations met Monday on Ukraine’s border with Belarus. Emilio Morenatti/AP Photo

Two Marquette professors help us understand war crimes and whether they’re being committed by Russia in Ukraine. Then, we learn about a new service offering walk-in mental health care at Children’s Wisconsin hospital. Later, a Milwaukee writer explains why many Wisconsin homes often have a single toilet in the basement without a full bathroom.

Featured in this Show

  • What are war crimes and how are they prosecuted?

    U.S officials are accusing Russian President Vladimir Putin of war crimes in Ukraine. We learn what constitutes a war crime, whether Putin is committing them and how they’re prosecuted and enforced by the international community.

  • Walk-in mental health care at new Children's Wisconsin clinic

    A new walk-in mental health clinic has just opened at Children’s Wisconsin. We learn about who’s able to access it, and what kind of care they can get.

  • Wisconsin's solitary basement toilets explained

    A Milwaukee writer fills us in on his quest to answer the question of why many Wisconsin basements feature a seemingly random, unadorned toilet.

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