Wall Street And The Great Recession, Low-Level Marijuana Convictions, Psychology Of Haunted Houses

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Many in the financial industry were able to get rich due to a down housing market during the Great Recession. We find out how they were able to profit. We talk about We also talk with a psychologist about why haunted houses are so unsettling. Plus, a look at changes being considered to Wisconsin’s expungement system that could be a hopeful sign for people living with low-level marijuana convictions on their records.

Featured in this Show

  • Stories From Those Ravaged By The 2008 Housing Crisis

    We talk to an investigative journalist about his work covering the financial industry’s role in the lead-up to, and fallout from, the housing crisis and Great Recession.

  • Changes Being Considered To Wisconsin's Expungement Laws

    Wisconsin lawmakers are taking another look at the state’s expungement laws for people with low-level marijuana convictions. We talk about how those convictions affect the lives of people who have them on their records.

  • The Psychology Of What Makes Certain Houses So Creepy

    Tight corners, creaky floorboards, and a shortage of exits can all make a house feel pretty spooky. But why exactly do certain places creep us out? We talk with a psychologist about where our feelings of uneasiness come from and why some of us seek out scary situations.

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  • Rob Ferrett Host
  • Kealey Bultena Host
  • Tim Peterson Producer
  • Rachael Vasquez Producer
  • Dean Knetter Producer
  • Aaron Glantz Guest
  • Natalie Yahr Guest
  • Francis McAndrew Guest
  • Kealey Bultena Interviewer

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