‘Walking Bus’ To Encourage School Attendance, Leaving Room For Adventure In Travel, DNA Matches From Wisconsin’s Sexual Assault Kit Backlog

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A Milwaukee school is proving that not every school bus requires wheels with the concept of a “walking bus.” We find out about the idea and how it encourages better attendance among its elementary school students. We also talk to a travel writer and former “Frugal Travel” columnist for the New York Times about how to have a good time on vacation without relying on Yelp and TripAdvisor. And we discuss the first DNA matches announced from what was a backlog of thousands of untested sexual assault kits.

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  • DNA Matches From Wisconsin's Sexual Assault Kit Backlog

    Wisconsin law enforcement officials announced Tuesday more than 500 DNA matches from thousands of sexual assault kits that were previously untested for years. We get the details from a reporter covering the story.

  • Milwaukee School's 'Walking Bus' Aims To Up Attendance

    Not every school bus comes with wheels. Milwaukee’s Lincoln Avenue School is encouraging better attendance for its elementary students with a walking bus, providing a safe trip to school on Monday and Friday mornings. We find out more about the idea from two of its creators.

  • Your Next Vacation Might Be Better Left Unplanned

    It seems like no one goes on a big travel trip without checking some Yelp reviews, Iooking at Trip Advisor, polling Facebook friends and arming themselves with a guidebook these days. It’s very likely your tourist destination even has its own instagram hashtag. We talk to the travel writer behind a new book who wants to put the spontaneity and flexibility back into our travel agendas.

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