Walker’s Rural School Funding Plan, Midwestern Fiction, Truckers Against Trafficking

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A new effort mobilizes truckers, truck stop employees, and the general public to stop human trafficking. We get the details. We also learn how Midwestern fiction has changed over the years and discuss some of the essential works about the region. Plus, we’ll get details of Gov. Walker’s rural schools funding proposal.

Featured in this Show

  • Walker Announces Rural School Funding Plan

    As part of his two-year state budget plan, Governor Walker announced plans to increase funding of rural schools in Wisconsin by about $66.5 million. An education reporter provides details on a move that rural school advocates have largely hailed, but which critics say is a drop in the bucket compared to public education cuts in recent years.

  • Taking Note Of The Midwest's New Fiction Landscape

    Just as the Midwest has long labored under the tag “flyover country,” its literature sometimes seems to get glossed over. A reviewer pushes back on this notion and reveals the riches of the Midwest’s contemporary literature. You may come away with an exciting new reading list!

  • Truckers Mobilize Against Human Trafficking

    A novel anti-trafficking initiative mobilizes truckers, truck stop employees and the general public to recognize the signs of human trafficking and help combat it.

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