Walker’s Plan For Health Care, Modernizing Exit Polls, Bayfield Comic Convention

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Comics have become extremely popular with the help of movies like “The Avengers” and “Batman: The Dark Knight”, and now a comic convention is coming to northern Wisconsin. Our guest who is behind the Bayfield expo explains the importance of comic books in learning and discovery. We also get the scoop on how the AP is trying to modernize exit polls, and talk about Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker’s plans for health care in America.

Featured in this Show

  • Walker Announces Plans For Health Care Law Repeal, Replacement

    In a speech today just outside of Minneapolis, Wisconsin Governor and presidential candidate Scott Walker laid out his plans for repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act. One of WPR’s reporter discusses how the plan would work.

  • AP Experiments With Building The Exit Poll Of The Future

    Exit polls can be an invaluable resource for understanding American politics and why people voted they way they did. But rising costs and the changing nature of how we vote are creating challenges for pollsters. A reporter talks about how the Associated Press is looking to create the exit poll of the future.

  • From Comic Con To Bayfield–Comics Capture Currents In American Culture

    A Bayfield library is bringing the comic superhero world to life in Northern Wisconsin. The librarian behind the event explains the role of comics in learning–and a UW-Madison researcher says comics are a window into the story of minority communities in the United States.

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