Walker’s College Affordability Plan, How Hibernation Works, E-Cigarette Advertising, Remembering David Bowie

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Advertising for E-cigarettes has reached more than 18 million kids and teens in America, and the Center for Disease Control says that’s a problem. Our guest says we need more studies and regulations on these products. We also learn what happens behind the scenes when an animal hibernates for the winter, and we get the latest details on Governor Walker’s proposal to make college more affordable. Then we remember pop star David Bowie, who died Sunday night at age 69.

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  • Governor Walker Announces Plan To Make College More Affordable In Wisconsin

    Governor Scott Walker has announced a plan aimed at making college more affordable, as reports show state graduates face an average of nearly $29,000 in student loan debt. A reporter breaks down the Governor’s plan, and discusses what it means for current and future students.

  • Wisconsin Life: Hibernation

    On today’s Wisconsin Life we learn about what happens behind the scenes when animals go into hibernation for the winter.

  • CDC Report Shows Wide Reach Of E-Cigarette Ads Among Youth

    A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that e-cigarette companies are reaching about seven-in-ten middle- and high-school students with their advertisements. That’s more than 18 million young people altogether. An anti-smoking advocate discusses the report and makes the case for more regulations on these products.

  • Remembering David Bowie

    On Sunday night, pop star David Bowie died from cancer, at age 69. We remember him with a pop culture expert and your calls about what David Bowie meant to you.

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