Walker Wants To Eliminate Minimum-Required School Hours, Project Identifying ‘News Deserts,’ Future Of Male Contraception

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In some areas of Wisconsin, people lack a local news source that speaks to their everyday realities. The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism calls these communities “news deserts,” and is currently working to identify them. We hear about the project and the effect news deserts have on democracy. We also discuss future possibilities for male contraception. And we take a closer look at Governor Walker’s proposal to do away with a law that requires public schools provide a minimum amount of instruction hours.

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  • Walker: Schools, Not State, Should Decide How Many Hours Kids Spend In School

    Governor Scott Walker wants Wisconsin to scrap the minimum requirement for how many hours students spend in school. Rather, he’d like to see school districts set their own hours and be judged by their state report cards. An education reporter provides details.

  • Project Works To Identify Wisconsin's 'News Deserts,' Communities That Lack Local News Options

    A project underway at the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism at University of Wisconsin-Madison is working to identify geographic and demographic “news deserts” in the state, with the aim of understanding how people are getting their news and where there are coverage gaps. Our guest will tell us about the project and about potential news deserts in rural areas of northwestern Wisconsin and in Milwaukee’s black communities.

  • The Future Of Male Contraception

    Researchers in India are preparing to submit a new kind of birth control for approval. The injectable contraceptive for men would be the first new kind of male birth control in over a century, but pharmaceutical companies have showed little interest in it. A health journalist talks to us about barriers to getting male birth control approved.

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