Walker Signs REINS Act, Ozone Study In Sheboygan, Women Bullying At Work

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A new study showed elevated levels of ozone in the Sheboygan area. We talk to a scientist about the findings and what they mean for the area. A guest also discusses why so many women report being bullied by other women in the workplace. Research suggests the answer may be found in work conditions. We also learn about a new law, the REINS Act, which limits agencies’ regulatory power.

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  • Gov. Walker Signs REINS Act Into Law

    Gov. Scott Walker signed the Regulations from the Executive in Need of Scrutiny, or REINS, Act into law in Wausau Wednesday. The measure, which is said to be the first state version of the act, requires legislative approval for any rule that would cost businesses or taxpayers more than $10 million. We talk with one of the authors of the measure, who says it will help ensure that elected officials are able to hold state agencies accountable and give necessary oversight to rules that affects businesses and Wisconsinites.

  • Study Examines Cause Of High Ozone Levels Near Sheboygan

    We talk to a physical scientist about a recent study that looked at elevated ozone levels in the Sheboygan area.

  • Why Do Women Bully Each Other At Work?

    Gender inequality in the workplace is a pretty big issue in the U.S. today. There’s still a substantial pay gap between women and men, and there are much fewer female CEO’s at major companies than there are men. One thread we don’t hear about often is that people don’t want to work for women…especially when they’re other women. A 2009 study from the journal “Gender in Management” showed that women think other women make good managers, but the female workers didn’t want to work for other women. The study showed that the longer a woman was in the workforce, the less likely she was to want another woman for a boss. The Atlantic recently published an article called “Why do women bully each other at work?” One woman interviewed for the article said, “Women seem to cut down women.” We talk to the author of The Atlantic’s article about why women treat other women poorly at work.

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